Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wintery List of Goodies

mini gingerbread // I'm a huge sucker for gingerbread. A few Christmases ago I made some from the Finnish recipe my bestie had... The kitchen turned out miserably dirty, but we were eating cookies for days, and they were so good.

hand stamped wrapping paper // I'm one of those people who finds joy in the little things like handmade stationary, and writing down to-do lists, and sending packages for fun. This wrapping paper speaks to my soul. Especially the one with the sweaters.

holiday cards // so original and so unique. Just the kind I'd buy and laboriously slave over, making sure the contents were the perfect combination of cute and touching. The kind of cards that make me wish I could do calligraphy.

gold branch ring // my dream ring. Okay, I say that about a lot of rings, I know, but really, this one is simple, classic and beautiful.

knit mittens // love these mittens! Two toned is always the way to go, especially when it comes to warm snuggly mittens.

antique lantern // perfect little lantern for going out to pick firewood, or finding your way around in the case of a power failure. Not that I've ever done the former, but you know. A girl can dream.

Hope you're enjoying almost friday!

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