Saturday, November 09, 2013

Ping Pong Explosion

Every second Saturday of November there's a parade in London. That may be a total lie, but what I'm getting at is, there was a parade today. It was pouring buckets and I was utterly drenched, but. I digress. The closest restaurant was this one, and I never turn down dim sum! Especially when the restaurant is named Ping Pong.

Mom always looks so classy, right? We picked up poppies as well, to support the armed forces!

Don't be misled, if you turn it over, it tells you to take a survey. LAME. I wanted a fortune, or something!

There she is again, poppy especially popping! (Couldn't resist.)

Best part about this restaurant, didn't even need to ask for the chili sauce.

We ordered blossoming Jasmine tea, which of course blossoms...

...into this!

Expensive as heck nuts that probably came out of a bag. Don't buy them. The other food is much better.

EDAMAME!!!! My true love. Warm and steamy. Just the way it should be.

Veggie spring rolls. Delicious but nothing for me to make a pun about, or comment on, so I'll move on.

Asparagus that looks like mini versions of real asparagus but is really just thin shoot and cut up. Amazing. I love mini versions of big things.

Spinach and mushroom dumplings. Didn't even taste the mushrooms, and let me tell you, that's huge. Wish the place had a bigger selection of dumplings though! (Except, can't expect too much from a commercialized dim sum restaurant.) 

This is me so overjoyed that I couldn't taste mushroom. 

Coconut mochi. Never say no to mochi, okay?

Of course, as comes with everyone's dim sum, there were fireworks! Wait... what? Your dim sum never comes with fireworks? Weird... Truthfully, the UK has had about two weeks of them for Diwali, Guy Fawkes, Remembrance Day, etc. I just love them. We caught these by the Thames.

And I can't leave you without a gif! Happy Saturday lovelies!


  1. So glad I have found a fellow mochi fan! I absolutely love it - never tried coconut mochi though.. if you pass a fro yo place called snog you must try it with mochi! Its my favourite. Hope you're loving the Big Smoke.
    I looove your logo and layout! Blog looks great X

    1. I've been dying to try snog actually! Every time I pass it taunts me. Surprisingly I haven't had froyo once since being here, crazy since it's so big in America. Absolutely loving it here! And thank you! I love yours blog's layout as well, especially the header! xx

  2. Haha, 'mini versions of big things' - I love them too, it made me giggle! Great looking blog, nice and clean :) - love it!
    Do you have an email I can reach you on?
    Ella xx

    1. They're just some of the small joys in life, don't you think? And thank you, I have to say the same thing about yours! :)

      Sure, you can reach me here: xx

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