Tuesday, November 05, 2013


This weekend, mum and I headed for adventure. Cambridge. Turns out adventure means walking around and sitting in an open topped bus when it's FREEZING cold outside. As in Oxford, we took the hop on hop off, which I'm sure made us look like lame tourists, but I love those things. History and picture taking. Who wouldn't enjoy that?

Mom never sits next to me... So sad. She likes the side seat so she can take pictures on her iPhone to upload to facebook later. Half are blurry, and yet she gets more interaction on them than I ever have. Amazing...

Invariably, I end up taking pictures of the sky, don't ask me why. It looks maybe warm and sunny but don't let the pictures deceive you!

I don't remember what this building was but I liked it. This is a terrible picture. Modern streetlamps ruin the look of beautiful old buildings. But the dark can be scary, so. I get it.

A cathedral of some sort. I think. 

This is the cemetery holding lost American soldiers from WWI. For a second, when the bus passed through the parking lot, I was back on American soil! And none of you threw me a welcome home party...

More buildings. You'd think from the position of the sun that it was maybe 2:30 or later. Nope. 12:45. Sun sure does set early here after British Summer Time ends.

The sun peeked out! Still crazy cold.

Mom and I had some tea and orange juice to go with our English breakfasts, which we promptly gobbled down at about 2:00. Breakfast goes all day, right?

How posh! Look at that pinky.

I'm not so posh.

YUMMY. I love a good English breakfast. Though I could do with more beans and less meat, but that's just the pseudo vegetarian in me.


Ta-Ta, hope you're having a good Tuesday.

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