Monday, October 14, 2013

Winter Wishlist

When winter comes along I find you can take two routes with your decoration. You can go warm and cosy with reds and golds, or you can go stark with blues and silvers. Every winter I waffle (what a mouthful that was, eh?) between the two options.

Today I feel like blue and white are the way to go. But ask me tomorrow and I may say otherwise. Anyhow, I've made a wishlist, a sort of color based wishlist.

Years ago I would've made a list and showed pictures, but this is the 21st century! We have websites that automate the sound of rain and test your compatibility with your loved one. Of course we can have a website that makes collages for you! I stumbled upon polyvore many years ago, and was later shocked to discover that it was founded in my home town. Small little world isn't it?

So here's my wishlist! Created with polyvore.

1. Stoneware Mug. This one is not really stoneware, but it's close. And it's cheaper than stoneware would be. It has a beautiful hand painted finish that reminds me of the mugs I made for my mum and I. Mine turned out atrociously, but it's the thought that counts, right? Right? Perfect mug for tea, hot chocolate, lattes, anything warm and wintery.

2. Hunter Boots. I've wanted a pair for as long as I can remember and the fresh blue color is just heavenly. Because it looks like sky. (Get it?) Nothing, of course, will replace my favorite rain boots, complete with little whales on them. But these come close.

3. Zara Scarf. I've just bought a dark blue one of these. And a white. Who can resist warm, soft, plush scarves? Not me. The light blue would complete my color gradient and my collection. And make me happy. They were on sale when I bought them too!

4. Blue Candle. This one is real cheap and probably smells of nothing, but I feel like it would be perfect if it smelled of cinnamon. Who hasn't seen blue cinnamon sticks? Now that would be cool.

5. Sapphire Serpent Lomo Cam. I have always wanted a lomography camera and this little funky one would be perfect to add to my collection. As I do have three cameras already, this one can wait. But it's nice to dream.

6. Golf Notebook. Not exactly the one I had in mind, but the blue color is beautiful. I'll include the link of the notebook I'd really love, neat cover, personalizable, and cream pages to jot down thoughts and notes in. Lovely. Here it is.

Well, that concludes my winter wishes. What's one thing (or six) you really want this holiday season?

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