Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Musings

Having closed out the weekend at the international series over in wembley, I can now officially claim I've seen a professional football game!

This (somewhat blurry) snap was before I succumbed and bought an overpriced 9ers cap. Wore it all game. Backwards, no less. Note how close we are to the field, too. Thanks dad! 

Anyway today I bring you this really cool project I found this week by a designer based in New York City. (Aren't all the best from there?) 

He takes scraps from his week and scans them, making cool collage memories. Something I'd be inclined to do if I had a scanner or consistent internet connection. But I digress. Check out my favorite work here!

All the projects and graphic designs I'm finding make me think, if I had a daily or weekly installment, what would it be? Gotta get my creativity flowing to answer that one!

Enjoy your Monday, wherever you are!

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