Sunday, October 13, 2013

Good Weekend

This Saturday, I headed to Oxford with my mom, hoping to catch some sights and do some shopping. It was freezing. So freezing. But beautiful. One of those charming little college towns with a European twist. Then Sunday, I went over to Embankment, to try out a French restaurant I'd spotted while wandering the weekend before. We had so much food we had to walk it off, and somehow we ended up in Camden, where I found a market. (The fourth I've found in London so far, and I'm told there are more.) Here are some pictures!!

I'm a sucker for sky pictures. This strange building was silhouetted against it and the cloud looks like it's glowing. All in all a good capture, I'd say. This is just outside the train station in Oxford.

Mum and I took a hop on hop off sightseeing tourbus. I find when I take these tours and look at my pictures afterwards, they're all of the tops of buildings, because otherwise the metal railings come into the framing. Who doesn't like the tops of buildings though? They're nice!

Requisite proof of having seen Oxford University, here you are. That concludes the pictures from Oxford, as we have more important things to get to: food.

Look at the glorious menu. I didn't order a salad, though my camera seemed to think that was the most important to focus in on...

Latte and Americano. Perfect. Mum is perusing the menu in the background.

We decided on Camembert, which were deep fried. I had no idea Camembert was cheese until it arrived and I cut it open. Mum thought it was crab. Not crab. Served on arugula and cranberry sauce. DELICIOUS.

As well, we ordered bread with garlic butter to spread atop it. Amazing. The French know their bread.

Mum got seared tuna salad. This is an action pic of her squeezing lemon, if you couldn't tell. Also I think they gave her salmon on accident...

I had a croque monsieur, which is ham and cheese grilled. Fancy, eh? So good. And served with chips, of course.

After all, what's a meal without chips?

I liked these picture for some reason. Here you go. Lemon in a glass. As well, the set up of the restaurant was so charming. All red designed and very French. I should've mentioned, it's called Cafe Rouge, so the red is to be expected. It was pouring outside, and hilarious to watch people struggling with their umbrellas. I shouldn't have laughed, but I did.

St. Paul's Church. From under my umbrella. I just liked how beautiful it looked in the rain, though I had to wait a beat to get the shot because someone walked right in front of me.

I told you I made it to Camden! Camden market. So many people. Very grunge. All the same clothes and wares as in every other market I've been to. I wonder how they do that.

This man is serving up our mulled wine. It was a bit bitter, but otherwise tasty.

I love me a good blackboard in greyscale. And the wine! Double the size of the one I get at Notting Hill's market, and the same price. I think I know where I'll be heading for my mulled wine from now on!

So that was it for the weekend, pretty productive, pretty chilled. Next weekend I'm off to Germany to visit my bestie, so keep checking for pictures of pretzels. That's all we'll be eating.

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