Friday, October 25, 2013

El Pirata Detapas

This week, my cousin was visiting from Copenhagen, Denmark! So last night, we went to eat. I suggesting meeting by Notting Hill and finding somewhere to eat from there. We stumbled upon a tapas restaurant that looked like it could offer some food that could only be described as delectable. (Though I'm no Spanish expert, shouldn't it be La Pirata? Maybe it's one of those silly exceptions.)

Upon entry, we realised we were WAY in over our heads thinking we could get a seat. Though empty, it looked like it was about to get very busy. But we asked anyway. Fortunately, they gave us a table as long as we were gone by 8:30. Mission accepted. This gave us about an hour and a half to shove as much tapas down our gullets as we could.

First up were the assorted olives, along with some bread and aioli. I'm a sucker for aioli. Who isn't? I'll have to try a few recipes out while I still have a kitchen to my disposal...

Next the grilled asparagus with manchego. I love asparagus so much. For the longest time I was scared of the shape and flavour, but since that was when I was three, I've overcome my fears. Now I just gobble it down whenever I get the chance.

These were pepper and cheese croquetas. The pepper and cheese had really fancy names but my only name for it was AMAZING. Easily my favourite dish of the night.

I never say no to grilled chicken skewers. In the background please observe my mom and cousin patiently waiting for me to stop taking pictures so they could chow. Oops!

The classic patatas bravas. With more aioili! Delightful. No one doesn't like potatoes. (Does that even make sense?)

And lastly, some tomato and bread toast. Simple, but very delicious. Like Spanish bruschetta, kinda. I will admit I also indulged in some vanilla ice cream, but it was gone before I could even get a picture. Sorry! It was only vanilla though, so y'all know what it looks like.

Before the meal, mom and I went into Jamie Oliver's Recipease to check out what the store had to offer. Some cute bottles with something presumably starting with 'C' in them.

Meringues... YUM. And huge. In the background, amateurs chefs were learning to cook from trained professionals. What a fun idea, I think! May need to sign up for a class. If only to get a meringue out of it!

Here's to hoping that these aren't real quail eggs!

So many baked goods, and many halloween themed! Reminds me I need to get cracking on halloween cupcakes, or something! Everyone excited for halloween this year?

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