Sunday, October 06, 2013

Borough Market, Why Have We Never Met?

Yesterday I headed to Borough Market with my mum (I know, so British) to check out the local offerings. Very amazing sights and smells, but I imagine if I were claustrophobic that it would be tremendously terrifying to go here. The number of American people was crazy, as well. Felt like I was back home, if not for the gloomy weather in October and the ever so faint shoutings of British stall-keepers. Below are some pictures of the food. They are terrible because I didn't think to bring my camera, and for that, I apologize. This does mean, though, that I can head back camera in tow. (For memory keeping purposes, of course...)

Blocks of chocolate... that's what I'm talking about.

More. Who doesn't love more?

Such good Indian food. I want more as I'm typing this. Gujurati Thali stand. Go to there.

Food feat. my oxfords and my fitbit, lower right corner. What a wonderous device it is, I tell you.

Nothing warms the body like hot mulled cider. This is the point at which I promised not to eat anymore, because the Indian food was filling. I broke the promise. Oh well?

Blurry and shaky. Due to high amounts of people and low light. Also, a phone camera. The black and white is more to detract from the focus than for artistic appeal.

If I liked mushrooms I feel like I'd like this stand more. There were so many. So many. I felt like I was in a forest.

Some fruit... Made particularly exciting because my friend's name is Sharon. (Sharone, really, but legally Sharon.)

It's only blurry because I wanted to eat it so badly. Freshly made and cooked ricotta and spinach ravioli. Can you say yum? I said yum. Even though I'd already had a meal. (We were walking around... it evens out.)

I just kind of liked the way this alley looked. At this point, mum and I had left the fair, in hopes of keeping ourselves from buying more food. But the number of dessert stalls I'd seen earlier were calling to me.

So, I definitely lied before, when I said I wasn't going to eat anymore. I needed a dessert too. Can you blame a girl?

The line for "pie-ella". Still can't get over how people say that here when Spain is so close. Pie-ayyyyya. Say it with me.

Sad camera quality means weird looking cathedral. Have to come back with my real one. On the list.

Told you I got a dessert. It was delicious. I have a weakness for raspberry tarts.

Bye Bye Borough Market! (For now.)

We walked all the way to the Globe theatre. Pretty neat. They do real shows here for those who want to see them. Usually three hours long. Crazy.

And then we made it to St. Paul's Cathedral. Beautiful. No pictures allowed inside. Also it costs 16£ to walk around. That's almost 30 bucks for a person. Dassa lotta money, folks. I decided to just stand there in the free area and revel. No need to pay.

And check out how much I walked friday! All green, that's what I like to see. It's amazing how daily work adds up.

Ta Ta!

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