Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why the Internet Sucks

It's a bold statement, I know. But it's a personal belief of mine. And yet, it doesn't stop me from spending countless hours surfing the web. Go figure.

A few days ago, my Dad sent over a video to me and my Mom. "Indians are making inroads..." the subject title read. I didn't bother to watch the video, or even check the title, deeming myself too busy to bother. But when I finally did, I was glad. The YouTube video was of Nina Davuluri. I'm sure you've heard her name more than a thousand times by now.

But what was really curious were the comments on the video. Half decried that she shouldn't have won 'Miss America', for they knew the truth, she wasn't really American, she was (to quote literally) "a Arab". (How they knew this without looking at her birth certificate is beyond me, but you know, people these days think they know everything.) The other half of the comments were all about power to the 'lesser people'.

So you might wonder, what's wrong with the other half, the half that's not being blatantly racist? I for one, wouldn't have thought anything wrong with them, maybe ten months ago. But ten months ago I started using the internet more and more (specifically Tumblr, bad on you), and learning of people's opinions more and more. And I began to question everything. Everything. Just because people on the internet did. Even things that shouldn't be questioned, like a picture of puppies on grass.

The other half of people, who think we're lesser, because we're a minority? Well, they irked me. Why can't I just be Indian? Not a minority. Not 'not white'. Just me. And the sad thing is, this kind of thing fully wouldn't have bothered me months ago. I wouldn't even have second guessed those comments.

So this brings me to my conclusion. I hate the internet for two reasons: the ***holes who are obviously racist and have not evolved out of pre-civil rights times. And the other, the seemingly nice people who've made me a cynical person.

I know I'm usually happy and normal, and that's not to say I'm a cynic all the time. But I definitely didn't used to question motives as much as I do now. Which is terrible. I've lost the kid-like wonderous sheen I saw on the world. I think the only way to get it back is to take a break, take a step back from all of the analysis and hatred.

Just a PSA. Don't take my words to heart if they don't mean anything to you. 

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