Thursday, September 26, 2013

No Longer Dancing Queen

As you may or may not know, last week was my birthday. An 18th birthday is apparently what everyone in this country dreams of, because it means legality for alcohol. Back home, 18 means you can vote. Glamourous, eh? Anyway, for my birthday, I decided to attend the branch of London Fashion Week open to the public.

I want to say I was dressed well enough for it, but unfortunately I think I looked like a high-scale homeless person. And I was wearing what would've been party attire at home. I figured I'd show you a bit of my birthday weekend, in pictures!

Chubby fingers, but I got a Shop & Bag ticket, as well as a Wash, Cut, and Blow Dry for my hair! Cut off 8 inches. So. That was fun.

I have made art, and this is my art. Artsy, no?

More art. In black and white, no less. I was really fascinated by the bookstore more than the clothes section. Sue me.

The aforementioned slightly hobo-ish outfit. I swear I would've looked glam back home.

Books!!!!! Colorful books!!!!

Punny as heck! (Please tell me you get the pun.)

Artistic look at the outside through a rained on window, featuring fashionistas in training.

Rule of thirds, that's what I'm talkin' about.

Artistic scrolls of cool as heck paper. Cool as heck.

I was so so tempted to buy one for myself. They're so simple, but so cool.

I lied. I liked the accessory section as well. I did buy these. They look weird here. They look weird on my fingers. They are still my favorite things.

The loot.

Here's also a capture from my phone. Google wishes me happy birthday. Did Google do that for you? Didn't think so!

And the company I work for threw me a party with pizza, a card and prosecco. Tell me you're not jealous. 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! See you all tomorrow!

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