Friday, September 06, 2013

KP Appreciation

Every now and then you come across something that affirms your existence in the world. And maybe that doesn't really make any sense, because maybe you've never doubted if you were here for a reason. But to me, to me the world is a large and varied place, one that's constantly changing and adapting, and I often wonder if there's anything I have to bring to the table.

But then, there's a book, or a smile, or a moment, or something that makes you realize you've got power, and the means to change the world. And this week, today, it's a song.

I never really appreciated Katy Perry for more than her catchy upbeat songs, and that thanks to her people always ask me if California girls are really like in the song. (They aren't, in short). But after I watched her movie, I got it. I really got why people follow her every move and watch to see what she puts out next. Because, it's a miracle, really, that she's ended up where she has. And she's actually thankful for it all.

But before this turns into a Katy Perry lovefest saga, I just want to write about what I came here to write about. This song is empowering (something I think a certain man with the initials RB has to do with) and it makes you feel like you can do anything, let alone roar. So, yeah, I'm sure you've heard it, probably enough times on the radio that you don't want to hear it anymore. But do know, this song can get you (me) out of a funk; it can help you remember why you're even here. What you can do.

So. Thank you for that, Katy Perry.


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