Friday, September 13, 2013

Just Bein' Miley

Ignore the hammer licking, ignore the ever so perfect placement of the construction machinery, even ignore the shocking amounts of nudity. In fact, just close your eyes, because who needs to watch the music video to appreciate the song?

I think you all know what I'm talking about. If you don't, you're living under a rock. Or in China. In just 17 hours, when I checked on it, it had 13 million views on YouTube, breaking a number of records, but most notably to One Direction fans, breaking their record. So, controversial, eh?

The point isn't the video though. This Friday, Power Song Friday, I want to give you 'Wrecking Ball'. Because if you stop to listen to the actual song and ignore Miley's tears among other things, you'll notice that the lyrics are strangely powerful. And not in that way where they empower you. Rather in the way where you realise that people are easily breakable. And Miley's lyrics show that she's broken.

In the realm of pop culture, not many appreciate Miley Cyrus. Especially because a majority of them believe that she's only doing what she does because she's tired of people remembering her as Hannah Montana. But if you stop to remember that she's just a human being, and this is the art that she's chosen to put out in the world, then maybe you won't judge her as much.

This is of course, not to say that I didn't do my fair judging of her along the way. But life is too short to constantly make strong judgements on people who you'll never know. It's even too short to do the same to people you do know. And this sounds like a whole bunch of rambling, but the point is, listen to the song. It's strong. It's powerful. Happy weekend, everyone!

(Attached is just the audio. Can't trust you lot with the video...)

P.S. Rizzle Kicks are amazing live. Seen them once before but this was up close and personal, as well as no shoving teenage girls. Superb. They're also well nice. (And coincidentally don't like Miley Cyrus' music video.. but they do like the song.)

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