Sunday, September 29, 2013

Food Fayre

At the Southbank Centre every Friday through Sunday, there's a huge amount of food. Food stalls, to go wraps, dessert tables. Unbelievable amounts and I had the urge to try it all. Alas, it's very boutique and therefore very expensive, so I decided to go for two days to try as much food for as little money as possible. (They do give out samples, take advantage of this.)

I took a few pictures too, to show y'all what you're missing. Saturday, I went for Samosa Chaat, a samosa smothered in chickpeas and incredible spices and I was at once in Mumbai. That's a good thing. I bought four cookies as well, because if you bought four, they were cheaper. Not because I wanted four...

Sunday, I had some Japanese food. Gyoza. Yes. I will wax poetic about gyoza until the day I die, probably. It's just the way of life. I also tried some strange cheese "Samurai Balls" which burnt my mouth and made me cry. Rude. But good. I also went for a slice of Banoffie pie, which I'm told is Banana Toffee. Interesting? Delicious. Huge. Only ate half, and that baby is going to be dessert tomorrow.

Feeling like I could use a bit of a stroll after all of that food, I decided to walk towards Covent Garden, a lovely area. Too many people, but lovely. On Saturday I went around the shops in Covent Garden. On Sunday, I did the same, but also kept wandering, and found myself in Chinatown. I'm unsure how that happened, but it was awesome. I also made it to Trafalgar Square.

All I can say is I can't wait until I get my fitbit so I can actually tell how far I've been walking. I do know it's enough my mom would probably be proud. I'd like a number though, so receiving the device is going to be exciting!

Pictures below!

JAY-SAWN DUH-ROOO-LOW in the tube! Marvellous.

Didn't have this. Sad that I didn't have this. Why. Didn't. I. Have. This. I'm hungry again.

Peek-A-Boo with the London Eye!

Didn't have a crepe either. Shoot. Cool blue paint though. And nice typography.

The number of people I heard saying 'pie-ella' was astounding. Spain is so close to you. It's not 'pie-ella'. It's delicious.

The home of my Japanese wonders. (Food.)

It does say octopus, you're observant! More importantly, it says gyoza. Yes. 

Aforementioned Samurai balls. Yes, they burned. Yes, I would eat them again.

Too many pictures? I get that. I will keep showing you though. Sorry.

Last one of the sacheted bundles of joy, I promise. I sat on the ground as no one was kind enough to scoot over on their benches. Rude. 

Mouth burners...

I wanted one of everything but I exercised restraint. Some others did not. It takes great control.

From where I got my Samosa Chaat. That little brown triangle on the right is the last samosa. Did I mention they were good?

Such a popular pastel blue color! I also wonder, are they wondering? Or did they mean wandering? Even their logo contains a globe. Perhaps it was an accident they never could correct. 

Why must you chain your firebucket to your gate? I do not have the urge to steal it. Does anyone? Strange city!

That being said, the design and symmetry of the buildings are beautiful, strange or not.

See? Beautiful. I wish America had more of this, but alas, we are too new. 

Told you I ended up in Trafalgar! Like I said, not sure how. I just walked and walked and ended up in some crazy places.

Chinatown, for one. Crazy sounds, smells, colors. Amazing.

And some lanterns to close off the post. Hope y'all had an enjoyable weekend!


  1. Never too many pictures! This looks amazing. You're making me miss London! XX

    1. It's an amazing city! Your last post had food that looked just delicious! xx